Articles submitted to peer-reviewed journals

  • Isabelle Santos, Stéphane Puechmorel, and Guillaume Dufour. “First Order Hadamard Variation of the Harmonic Navigation Function on a Sphere World.” Mathematical and Computational Applications 23, no. 3 (September 2018): 48.

Articles in preparation

  • Santos, I.M., Ferrière, K., Alves M.I.R., “On the alignment between the HI filaments and depolarization canals around the Draco Nebula.” in prep.


Title Audience Originality Maturity Evolution Distribution
TikZ-planets, a LaTeX package for illustrating celestial mechanics and the solar system Ambitious software, used by people outside the team Original software reusing know ideas and introducing new ideas Well-developed software, good documentation, reasonable software engineering Maintained with plans for future evolution External packaging and distribution
Le quiz de l'espace, a conversation-bot quiz about astronomy and space Usable by people outside the team Minor contributions to existing software, reusing known ideas. Well-developed software, good documentation Basic maintenance to keep the software alive Public source distribution on the web
Harmonic Stochastic Navigation Functions: Implementing a Semi-Analytical Method Internal prototype Original software introducing new ideas Basic usage works, decent documentation No real future plans Public source distribution on the Web
Table based on the INRIA software evaluation chart.